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All Things To Know Before Playing Music On Cruise Ships

Music is believed to be the best stress buster for everyone. Music has no age bars and it is being played on almost every occasion. Live music is a different kind of experience which almost everyone likes. As a musician, it is a dream for most players to play music on a cruise ship once.

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The experience of playing whatever instrument you know on a cruise is amazing. However, there are many things to know before going with cruise ship orchestra to play. Below mentioned are some points you should remember that will help you to understand more about how these bands on ships performs:

  1. You should be musically proficient:

As an orchestra musician, you must have sharp sight read, you should know how to change and handle tempo. You should know several styles and one important thing is you should be fluent with the English language. Musicians must have that sense of playing music according to the mood of the audience.

  1. Essentials to bring on the cruise:
  • Valid passport and ID
  • Medical exam documents
  • Your instrument, etc.

In order to get a job in cruise ship orchestra, you should contact agencies who deal in this field. You can also search on the internet. Once you get the job, your agent will let you know all the important details you must know.


If you are good with the playing music then you should play on cruise ships, at least once in your lifetime.